Alexandre Kuhl Oliveira
Alexandre Kuhl Oliveira

Alexandre Kuhl Oliveira is a photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal, specialized in Interior and Travel photography. His work is regularly published on the main Portuguese magazines, international magazines and online.

Along his career, he had a studio for two years dedicated to advertising and marketing agencies. Today his work is mostly on travel, architecture and interiors, portrait and food photography.

Alexandre Kuhl Oliveira is commissioned by architects, decorators, short term rental companies, travel and interior magazines, advertising agencies and companies among others.

His client list includes:

Avianca (Colombian Airline Magazine), CNN Traveller (USA), Food and Travel (UK), Portugal Magazine (UK), Travesias (México)
Casas de Portugal (PT), Happy Woman (PT), Open Media (PT), Volta ao Mundo (PT);

Abaca Corporate (FR), (USA), Galow (ES), Stockfood (DE)
Atmosphere Hotels (PT), Bisturi Publicidade (PT), Feels Like Home (PT); Grupo José Cristóvão (Hotel Cascais Miragem, Hotel dos Templários, Estalagem Lago Azul) (PT), Hotel do Chiado (PT), McDonalds (PT), Rent Experience (PT), Robiallac (PT), Teixeira Duarte (PT), Teresa Nunes da Ponte.Arquitectura (PT), Traço Magenta (PT), Uniplaces (PT), JCFS Arquitectos e Designers (PT)